Holgate Re-entry Protocols

The following protocols and regulations apply to all home owners and contractors in the Holgate section of Long Beach Twp. These rules will be strictly enforced by LBT Police and Construction/Zoning Departments.

Securing, winterization, removal of wet insulation, drywall, carpeting, damaged appliances, etc is permitted. This step does not require a building permit. Be advised that replacement of the same does require a permit and required inspection. The minimum permit fee will apply and the process has been fast tracked by the Construction department. Boat and watercraft removal/relocation is also allowed.

Posted Unsafe Structures (Oceanfronts)
Licensed contractors working for property owners may access these structures for winterization, inspection, etc. Ladders can be used at the discretion of the contractor keeping safety in mind. If the access is less than 6 feet from existing grade, the homeowner may access the structure for the above purposes. CAUTION AND COMMON SENSE WITH RESPECT TO SAFETY MUST APPLY. If unsure about stability of access area, do NOT access the structure.

Debris Containment
All debris must be contained on the property within the curb line. Dumpsters are allowed on the property provided that they will be removed by Monday 11/19. DO NOT PLACE DUMPSTERS OR DEBRIS ON CURBSIDE GAS/WATER CONNECTIONS. These connections must remain clear of obstruction to help facilitate repair. It is recommended that these areas be marked.

Separation of all debris is required. Construction debris must be piled separate from household debris such as furnishings, carpet etc. Appliances, mowers, and other metals must be placed in a separate pile. Paints, solvents, motor oils, etc., mused be piled separately. DO NOT PLACE PAINTS OR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS IN BAGS. This separation allows for rapid collection by the appropriate crews.

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