Holgate Residents

Residents and contractors will be allowed access to Holgate on Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please have your appropriate placard in the window for identification, along with your drivers license.

Residents are encouraged to collect their medication, insurance papers, and other important personal affects.

There will be no demolition and/or construction allowed in Holgate. Winterization only.

Long Beach Township inspectors will be performing interior flood damage assessment prior to allowing Atlantic City Electric to restore power. Owners are encouraged to allow access to interiors of homes. Oceanfront homes posted UNSAFE and other posted structures may not be accessed for safety reasons.

LBT Construction Department will be staffed Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18.

There will be NO utilities on. Further information to follow.

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