Hurricane Sandy Updated Status

November 3, 2012  9 p.m.
Workers are continuing to work to restore utilities on Long Beach Island. Crews have been working diligently to restore power and gas services. Currently there is no water or sewer service in the southern part of the island.

The Long Beach Island Health Department is monitoring any health issues that may arise. Efforts are being made to repair these utilities also. Road crews are working with outside contractors to clear roads from sand and debris. Many areas are impassable on both ends of the island.

There has been damage to may ocean front homes as well as many in the Holgate section of Long Beach Island. There are teams out actively assessing this damage on roadways and on properties.

The local municipalities are being supported by Ocean County assets as well as the National Guard.  A curfew has been put in place for all towns on Long Beach Island. No One is allowed out from 6 PM to 6 AM. This is being strictly enforced by the Island Police Departments, State Police, and the Ocean County Prosecutors Office. The State Police and The Ocean County Sheriffs Department are actively patrolling the waters around the island to prevent people entering by boat. No one should be returning to the island except for those contractors and resources that have bee requested by the towns.

Anyone that is still left on Long Beach Island is urged to self-evacuate of call the police department for assistance in evacuating. The shelter at Southern Regional High School is still open and accepting evacuees.

Anyone with pets that were left in homes may call the police department in their town and arrangements can be made to retrieve those animals. Alternatively, email to make a report.

There is has been no date established for people to return to the island. Information on this will be sent out when it is known. People are asked contact police only for emergencies. This will expedite recovery.

The Offices of Emergency Management will keep the community informed on the progress as it is made. Local officials are working diligently on behalf of their citizens to minimize a prolonged evacuation of the island.

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