Message from Long Beach Township Board of Commissioners

Status of the Township: we have no water, sewer, electric,gas, cable, or telephone lines.  We are still in the recovery mode.  We are clearing the main arteries, Long Beach Blvd. and Route 72 coming on to the island.  Right now there is surplus sand all over the side streets, and until that sand is moved back on to the beach there is no safe transportation for people to get around.  We are however going to try to allow Township residents, for a two hour period, on specific days for specific areas, such as Brant Beach, may be allowed back on Wednesday from 9 am to 12 pm to pick up vital items such as checkbooks, medication, insurance policies and then they must leave.  This is tentative and this schedule will be published on the website Sunday 11/4 or Monday 11/5.

As far as the election scheduled for Tuesday, we will post information as soon as we are notified.

We are very sorry, we know you are upset about your property.  We are working extremely hard.  We have many emergency workers and first responders and equipment operators on the island.  To insure the safety of all.  We hope to have some more definite information by Wednesday, Nov 7th.

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