Letter From The Mayor: Debris Removal

Dear Long Beach Township Homeowner:

We hope this letter finds you well though coping with the devastation and destruction left behind by Superstorm Sandy.

Here in the Township, we have been on the fast track to secure, repair and rehabilitate our homes and properties. We ask that should you see any improprieties or have any questions, please contact the Township with your concerns (609-361-1000)

As a matter of urgency all oceanfront homeowners who have not signed their deed of easement are urged to contact the Township to make arrangements to do so as soon as possible that we may avoid future destruction and devastation.

With that being said, to continue our progress, we must complete all debris removal before year end. Therefore, all debris from your homes must be placed curbside (not in the street) no later than December 21, 2012 for removal by the Township. After that date you will be responsible to properly dispose of debris. All building permit applications must include dumpster receipts.

Please also note that Long Beach Township is not responsible for the final cleaning of your property, damage to curbs, sidewalks or landscaping.

We are working towards a sensational Memorial Day 2013 to kick off a beautiful summer season for all.

Mayor Joseph H. Mancini

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