Building Department Update

As of 1-14-2013 the Long Beach Township Building Dept would like to report that:
  • They have issued/approved 12 Substantial Damage Applications;
  • There will be staff available for face to face meetings to discuss the building permit process and that the permit process for repairing a home will be fast tracked;
  • There will be a temporary Certificate of Occupancy (CO) issued for those houses that will probably sold as is without repairs. These CO’s will be issued contingent upon the buyer obtaining a Final CO.;
  • There is a link on that provides information pertaining to the new base flood requirements and house raising/ICC information.;
Homeowners can also call 609-361-6687 for house raising requirements and ICC program for damaged structures.

You can also call the Long Beach Township Bldg Dept at 609-361-6679 for more information.

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