Hurricane Sandy Waterway Debris

To Date:
  • Total cubic yards of debris removed (inland): 6,064
  • Total large debris (vessels, cars, etc.): 0
  • Total verified acres surveyed by side-scan sonar: 7,786
  • Total targets identified: 2677
  • Total targets retrieved: 67
  • Total targets disqualified/below draft depth: 62
Today’s Operations:
  • Debris recovery in Mill Creek, Null Creek, Beach Haven West, Barrel Island, and Mordecai. Mill Creek has been completed.
  • Relocated to a new TOLS (Zone 8) at West Osborn Ave, Holgate, Long Beach Twp.
Forecasted Operations:
  • Debris recovery will begin on West Creek and the western shores of Long Beach Island between Brant Beach and Holgate.
  • Operations in Zone 11 will expand to include debris recovery on the west canals of Atlantic City and Pleasantville. Debris recovery in the Maurice River will continue.
  • For the next week, debris recovery operations will take place around Beach Haven West, Wetecunk Creek, Long Point, Little Island, Shelter Island, Barrel Island, Seven Islands; and within Steelman’s Bay, west canals of Atlantic City and Pleasantville, the Maurice River, and Fortescue State Marina.
Report debris at 1-877-WARN-DEP or at

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