Hurricane Sandy Waterway Debris

To Date: 
  • Total cubic yards of debris removed (inland): 10,090 
  • Total large debris (vessels, cars, etc.): 0 
  • Total verified acres surveyed by side-scan sonar: 14,568 
  • Estimated hydrographic survey acres: 0 
  • Total targets identified: 2,527 
  • Total targets retrieved: 97 
  • Total targets disqualified/below draft depth: 138 
Yesterday’s Operations: 
  • Target and debris removal to the surge line in Zone 8 along the eastern shores and creeks of the mainland near Westecunk Creek working south to Middle Creek, Brigantine Harbor to Steelman Bay and along Bonita Tideway, Golden Hammock Thorofare, and Wading Thorofare, Waterfront Marina, All Seasons Marina, Patcong Creek, Great Egg Harbor River, Tuckahoe River, Pleasantville Marina, Sea Village Marina, Waterfront Marina, Broad Thorofare, Anchorage Point, the ship channel near Somers Point, Patcong Creek, Cedarville Creek area, and Greenwich Marina. Target and debris removal was completed in DOT Channels #145 and #139. Side scan sonar survey conducted in Zone 8 along the southern perimeter of the eastern shores of the mainland, Zone 9 along eastern and western bay perimeters from of Little Egg Harbor area, Zone 11 in the Delaware Bay south of Bidwell Creek. Hydrographic surveys were conducted in Zone 11 at Avalon, Minmar and All Seasons marinas. 
  • The side scan sonar crew working in the Delaware Bay had to return early due to rough seas. 
Forecasted Operations: 
  • Thursday: Hand removal of debris will continue in the surge line along the eastern shoreline and creek of the mainland near the Middle Creek area, Cedarville, and Greenwich. Target and debris removal to continue in Zone 8 DOT Channels, Brigantine Harbor, Rum Point, Patcong Creek area, All Seasons Marina, Minmar Marina, and Avalon Anchorage. Side scan sonar will continue in Zone 9 along the perimeter of bay areas, and Zone 11 in the Delaware Bay south of Bidwell Creek. Hydrographic surveys continuing in Zone 11 at Waterfront, Sea Village and Pleasantville marinas. 
  • Four day outlook: Debris removal along the east side of the mainland in Zone 8 near Mill Creek. Target and debris removal near Absecon Inlet and Bay, Brigantine Harbor, Rum Point, Atlantic City, Pleasantville, Ventnor, Back Creek, Dividing Creek, and Cedar Creek areas. 
Report debris at 1-877-WARN-DEP or at Additional information available at:

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